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First, meet the family......

Our cat, Precious: Queen of the House!


Our daughter Desiree, the actress, playing "Rizzo" in Grease, with fellow actor Austin playing "Kinicki"







"The Girls" at Gaffney's annual garden party

One of our favorite places to play,
Leunig's: Burlington, VT


Fans quickly become friends...Inn at Stone Creek

Fans...become friends...become family!  

Our NYC "angels," Bob and Sandy.
We miss you! Nascimento, NYC

The Concert with Alan Darcy at the Hilton Arts Ctr Nov 8th 03. Left to right....Greg Cortelyou-drums, Alan Darcy-sax, flute and vocals, Perley Rousseau-vocals, percussion, Sonny Daye-keyboards, Pete Toigo-bass

Our daughter Desirée

Proud Dad and his star in the making

Relaxing with Desirée
at the Montreal Jazz Festival


Desirée (middle) as "Alice" in "Alice, Blue Alice"
a Jazz Wonderland at NY State Theatre Institute

Perley's Mom and our dear friend
Father Francis Gargani

One of my dearest friends (Bobbi Lynne and children Richard and Charlotte) came all the way from California to surprise me at the Ella Show

Cousin Phyllis, Perley, and her Mom at Leunig's, Burlington, VT

"Ella Tribute" show in Wilmington, VT

Performing at the Cazenovia Jazz Festival...Perley Rousseau-vocals/ percussion, Sonny Daye-piano, Charlie Tokarz-flute/ saxophone, Jon Suters-bass/ guitar, Connor Mehan-drums


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